Solar Wall Light

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Material Plastic
Style 100 LED
Light fixture form Wall
Room Type outdoor, fence
Product Dimensions 14L x 10W x 16H Centimeters
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Power Source Solar Powered
Installation Type Flush Mount
Special Feature Water Resistant

About this item

  • ADVANCED SOLAR TECHNOLOGY: The GIGAWATTS Solar Wall Light 100 LED utilizes cutting-edge solar technology, harnessing sunlight efficiently to power its 100 LED lights throughout the night. Its high-efficiency solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, ensuring reliable performance and sustainability.
  • DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR: Equipped with a sophisticated dusk to dawn sensor, this solar wall light automatically turns on at dusk and switches off at dawn, providing hassle-free illumination without manual intervention. The sensor accurately detects ambient light levels, ensuring optimal energy utilization and maximizing battery life.
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Designed for versatility, the GIGAWATTS Solar Wall Light offers multiple installation options, allowing users to mount it on walls, fences, or posts with ease. Its wireless design eliminates the need for complicated wiring, simplifying installation and enhancing flexibility in placement.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT DURABILITY: Constructed with durable materials and water resistant rating, this solar wall light is built to withstand various outdoor elements, including rain, snow, and heat. The robust housing protects internal components from moisture and dust, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging weather conditions.
  • DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL LIGHTING: Beyond its practical illumination, the GIGAWATTS Solar Wall Light serves as both a functional and decorative addition to outdoor spaces. With 100 LED lights, it emits a bright, ambient glow, enhancing visibility and security around the home. Additionally, its sleek design adds a touch of modern elegance and aesthetic to any outdoor setting.
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